Our fees are competitive but comparable with other legal practices. We charge by the hour in most cases.

The first consultation

We recommend that you spend an hour with an attorney to discuss your requirements. You have already taken the first step to seek legal assistance. Carry it through and find out what we can do for you. It is often possible for us to advise you by email.

Prior to the first consultation, we will require a deposit to be cleared. If you require an urgent consultation you may pay tyhe deposit by an immediate EFT.

We may ask you to email us whatever written documentation you have to enable us to prepare for the consultation if this is necessary.

Letter of Engagement / Mandate

If we accept the instructions we will require you to sign our letter of engagement that covers the terms and conditions of our mandate.


We will discuss a budget with you and attempt to estimate the cost of the matter at various stages so that you can make an informed decision on costs.