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New! Lost your original documents?


Have you lost your original Antenuptial or your Last Will and Testament?

We have a list of original documents held by us since 1980. Read more >>



Lawyers… Lawyers … More Lawyers !



Nobody likes paying attorneys fees but business owners who take legal advice are ahead of the pack. Be ahead of the pack. We can help!

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  • Your competitors, suppliers and customers ARE getting legal advice. Do you want to be at a disadvantage!
  • See our Free Case Assessment page and get a quick answer from a practising attorney. No hassle!
  • For a more comprehensive reply, see our online interactive pages.

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Pressure to perform in business. Pressure to collect money. Pressure to identify new business opportunities.

As a firm of attorneys with many decades of experience, we have lived through several financial depressions from the 1970′s through to today. We understand the problems in small business. We have seen many thousands of clients with similar problems. We are also part of the many hundreds of business who found a way to survive. You can benefit from this experience. You are talking to someone on your side.

Ever wondered how other people coped with the 1930′s Crash! See out blog article. How are they coping with the present squeeze on work and cash flow? <<< Read more >>>


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